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Now it’s time to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and be your own boss. So are you ready for this journey? To start the entrepreneurial journey, it would be good to take up  franchisee ship  of reputed brands as that would  guide and hand-hold you for your entrepreneurial debut . So which business is more profitable and gives you assured returns on long run? The answer is LPG franchisee or Gas Dealership.


The Indian LPG market is growing. India is the 2nd largest LPG consumer in the globe after China. The compounded annual growth rate of LPG consumption  is increasing rapdily. Hence the growth trend would continue, thus fundamental of the business is strong.

LPG business has a good loyalty base both in domestic and commercial segment. Thus a gas cylinder franchisee will become a sure success by adopting a customer centric and a service oriented business outlook.

Let me put a question for you- Is it good to invest in LPG business? Do you want to start the best gas cylinder dealership? If the answer is yes, then you don’t have to think twice. Become a SUPERGAS franchisee and enjoy a lot of rewards.

  • Association with a global reputed brand ;Subsidiary of the Global LPG leader and Dutch MNC SHV Energy.
  • Trusted and reliable , In India since 1996 and CRISIL Rating No. 1 since inception.
  • Portfolio of LPG products and services covering total solution to Customer's Energy need.
  • Proactive business support; dedicated retail team, infrastructure and growth schemes.
  • Support in selling tools, marketing, branding and business.
  • Workshop and training for customers, delivery sales persons and franchisees.

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