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SUPERGAS’s LPG- apt for Metal Pre-Heating Application

SUPERGAS's LPG for Metal Pre-Heating

The development of new, high-strength steel has shot up industrial productivity and the durability of equipment and infrastructure. However, the improvement in the mechanical properties of steel means it is more susceptible to cold cracks and fissures during welding or cutting.


Preheating is the cure for such an issue. LPG is the best-suited fuel for metal preheating not simply because of its high heat transfer efficiency but also because of its controlled and even heat distribution.


Why convert to LPG? 


  • -Reduced fuel cost  

  • -Reduced carbon footprint  

  • -Lower maintenance of the combustion system 

  • -Higher productivity  

  • -Better finished product quality


If you’re thinking of how to convert to LPG, then there is no need to look further. SUPERGAS – A leading LPG Company in converting to LPG from other fuels, is here to help you out. 


Why do you need to consider SUPERGAS? 


  • Conversion assistance:


We offer customized solutions for conversion to LPG from other liquid fuels starting from fuel plan analysis to installation and commissioning of the LPG system. Within the stipulated time, the whole system will run with minimal switchover stoppage time. 


  • Customized storage solutions:


After analyzing your process specifications and consumption pattern by our experts, we help you with a suitable LPG storage solution with a portfolio of alternate options to choose from


  • Dedicated infrastructure & supply chain:


SUPERGAS has access to 6 terminals, 19+ filling plants and a fleet of delivery vehicles with effective supply chain management to ensure you receive quality and quantity LPG on time, every time. 


  • Technical support:


With more than 25 years of experience in the Indian LPG sector and the availability of global expertise, we are the LPG knowledge leaders and offer optimal design-erection-commissioning on a turnkey basis with quality products and timely project completion.


  • Operational and safety training:


We give operational, and safety training to our customers on do’s & don’ts, safety tips, handling emergencies and many more on safety while handling LPG. Regular safety audits are done for the customers, which enforces the safety approach. 


  • Dedicated sales team:


SUPERGAS prides itself in their distinctive sales team, which ensures seamless execution, delivery, and customer support


Our Happy Customers:

2000+ industrial customers  

100+ industries  

100+ applications 


SUPERGAS - Advancing energy together!


So, what are you waiting for? Call us at 9121177930 or submit an online enquiry at our website, and we will get back to you with your customized solution.