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SUPERGAS’s After-sales Service- The Best In The Industry

After sales service

Do you all agree that service realized after sales is decisive in a products success or failure and in customer satisfaction? 


Thats what separates SUPERGAS from the competitors as we believe that good service is good business. Our customer relationships do not end with the conclusion of a transaction but are maintained for our products entire duration of use with our efficient after-sales service. According to a recent survey, over 45% of dissatisfied customers stated they were unhappy with after-sales service because they were not delivered the value the company promised them. 


SUPERGAS can change that, and want to know how? 

Customer centricity is what makes us a market differentiator:


  • i) Our account managers maintain a close relationship with the customers after the installation process, ensuring smooth supplies and resolving issues in a jiffy!

  • ii) Our experienced engineers offer complete technical assistance and address complaints within 24 hours.

  • iii) Immediate response through an online login system proves our mettle in exclusive customer service.

  • iv) Safety Training, safety audits, mock drills, safety interlocks & SMS alerts in the system constitute our adherence to safety.


How is technology being used to provide a better customer experience? 


EACD+ is a device that automatically switches the LPG bank once the bank is empty and orders cylinders without manual intervention.

Our offerings:

  • - AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) of the LPG Installation:

  • - Offers Periodic maintenance 

  • - Is an Efficient-SAFE-RELIABLE System 


Preventive maintenance of your SystemChecking the entire Piping and Critical interlocksSafety Audit of your installationTraining the users to handle the system efficientlyPipe Testing and Suggestions from the dedicated expertise & Complaint management system constitute our Annual maintenance contract, the most advantageous for our customers! 


Crucial Spares : 

By maintaining an inventory of crucial spares, we ensure continuous operation. 


Some of our customers opt for our innovative energy-saving products as well, and we offer maintenance for those too. 


  • i) Calibration of the semiconductor Sensors

  • ii) Checking of Interlocks

  • iii) Accurate readings

  • iv) Enhanced Safety  


  • i) Maintaining the HT efficiency

  • ii) Descaling on time

  • iii) Reliable-cost saving solution 


Maintenance services for your equipment are customer-tailored, as promised by SUPERGASstriving towards providing the best service for customers!