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The Major Industrial Applications Enhanced by Using LPG as their Fuel

LPG – The Exceptional Energy.

LPG has such a wide range of applications because of the power it packs behind its awesome calorific value. This is a fuel tailor made for more than 90% of industrial heating applications. Though LPG has a barrage of applications, we will discuss some of the major ones in the industrial segment.

  • Heat Treatment: The process of heating or cooling the material to achieve desired physical properties is called as heat treatment. LPG is the best fuel for heat treatment because of higher calorific value and precise temperature control. Thus, we can process more batch in less time with a better quality output.
  • Steam GenerationThe process of generating steam for various applications like drying seeds or materials. The steam generation is done using special boilers. Many of them use fuels like wood, which end up creating so much pollution and is highly ineffective. LPG on the other hand enhances productivity with its efficient heat transfer properties.
  • Powder Coating: Powder coating is the process of applying a free flowing dry powder electro statically and cured under heat. The heat generated might be uneven with polluting liquid fuels. However, with LPG, the heat will be uniform and creates better quality powder coated products.
  • Galvanizing: To prevent rusting of iron or steel, they are galvanized, i.e., a protective coating of zinc is applied to them. There is a method of galvanizing called as hot dip galvanizing where the metals are dipped into a hot bath of zinc. LPG is a better fuel in this situation because the pre heating time required for the same is very less thus reducing the batch time in a positive manner.
  • Aluminium Melting: The process of melting aluminium ingots with alloys to produce engine parts, billets etc… Using LPG saves 10-25% of electricity usage and due to LPG being a better fuel there is minimal contamination. Because LPG gives a better and uniform heating we will also get a longer crucible life.

These are some of the major Industrial LPG applications. Fill out these form or call 9121177930 to know more how LPG will benefit your application.