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Transforming Customer Service Experience with SUPERGAS Care


At SUPERGAS, we are passionate about innovation and our vision to deliver the exceptional for the people, businesses, and communities we serve. SUPERGAS Care, a one-of-a-kind customer service app, is a testament to our innovation and customer-centricity.

In today's competitive and dynamic market, innovation is not just a buzzword, but a necessity for any business that wants to stay ahead of the curve. It is not just about creating new products or services, but also about improving and enhancing the customer experience.


SUPERGAS Care is an exclusive and integrated customer service application in the LPG industry by SUPERGAS. This app is designed for our customers to save time and improve productivity with the solutions we provide. The app allows our customers to manage their LPG requirements with ease and convenience.

With SUPERGAS Care, customers can access the following features:

1. Primary and secondary user management: Customers can add or remove users who can access the app and place orders or raise complaints on their behalf.

2. Order management: Customers can place orders, track their order status, and view their order history. This feature also allows to repeat the orders by just clicking on Reorder option.

3. Complaint management: Customers can raise complaints or queries related to LPG delivery, quality, safety, or any other issue, and get prompt and satisfactory resolution from our customer care team. To maintain transparency and complete resolution, the complaints will be closed only with customer’s approval.

4. Technical reports: Customers can view the technical reports of their LPG installations, such as periodic tests, annual maintenance report, safety audit, project commissioning report etc., and ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations.

5. Activity management: Customers can view the activities performed by our technical executives, such as project commissioning, annual maintenance, safety audits, visits from SUPERGAS sales team and other planned activities assigned.

6. Communications: Customers can receive notifications and alerts about their orders, deliveries, complaints, etc. and access useful information from the company.

7. Reviews & Rating: Customers can share their thoughts via reviews and ratings to help us improve and serve them better.

SUPERGAS Care is available on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, and can be accessed from mobile and desktop devices. The app is user-friendly, reliable, and offers a seamless and consistent customer service experience. With SUPERGAS Care, customers can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of managing their LPG needs anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

SUPERGAS is committed to digital transformation for our customer experience and for the planet. We believe that innovation is the key to delivering exceptional customer solutions and creating value for our customers. In addition to the customer service app, we do have a WhatsApp Chatbot SUSIE which will help you directly select the category you want to enquire about, instead of navigating the entire website.