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Want to know the role of LPG in the Biscuit Baking Application?

Biscuit Baking

If you're in the industry of Biscuit Baking, then this blog might be an apt read for you!

Life before the first batch of biscuits was flat, flat, flat! One food item that comes to our mind that people of all ages love is biscuits!

Generally, in factories, the steps in the preparation of biscuits are-

         ·  Preparation of the dough

         ·    Fermentation process

         ·    Giving the right shape

         ·    The baking process

After attaining the desired shape, the biscuits are transferred to massive ovens and are baked to perfection at the required temperature. A gas oven or electricity heated, or coal-fired ovens will suffice the task. The oven comprises several heating sources and a conveyor.

So, here is the question- which kind of fuel is the best for ovens?

In the present scenario, considering sustainability, all the companies consider eco-friendly fuels like LPG for the ovens. So, want to know why this change is needed?

If gaseous fuels other than LPG were used to fire the baking ovens, they caused respiratory problems to the employees.

The final product texture would not be homogeneous. Some biscuits would have a light crust, and there were chances that some of them would be mildly burnt.

Higher maintenance costs due to soot and carbon emissions.

The gases would also, at times, add a peculiar smell to the products, which would have to be disposed of, causing losses.

Each product requires different baking temperatures. Since few fuels take longer to heat, the ovens would remain idle, causing a delay in supplying the finished products to the customer.

So, LPG is being used in bakeries for baking bread, cakes, biscuit units for baking/drying wafers, cream biscuits, & milk biscuits. LPG is used for the direct firing of biscuits, which will significantly save the biscuit industry costs.

The SUPERGAS Advantages-

      1)      SUPERGAS provides conversion assistance in transitioning from liquid fuels to eco-friendly LPG.

      2)    As our LPG is a clean-burning fuel that leaves zero carbon deposits, the need for frequent servicing of the burners and cleaning the inside of the oven chambers is not required anymore.

      3)     Improvement in the product taste as there is no carbon deposition and the products are baked uniformly.

      4)     Since our LPG helps reach the required baking temperature faster, the average process time for baking the same batch of goods is reduced significantly.

SUPERGAS provides an IVRS facility for LPG order booking and supply confirmation. The biscuit baking industrial customers can have complete peace of mind due to on-time delivery and reliability in the supply. We help to increase production efficiency and, at the same time, take care of the safety aspects by providing safety training and organizing safety audits. We help achieve the aim of zero breakdown figures through our proactive preventative maintenance.

For more information, please contact us on 9121177930 or feel free to reach out to