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LPG has had a big role to play in today’s manufacturing world. With more and more people switching over to the exceptional fuel, there exists a visible confusion on what kind of manifold to choose. The major factors in choosing type of manifold installation are listed below.

  • Fuel consumption
  • Installation land size
  • Distance from the plant

There are subsets for each of the above points and based on those subsets we have different kinds of installations. Out of those installations, we will be concentrating on the following ones and comparing the same.

  • 33Kg VOT Installation
  • 33 Kg LOT Installation

There are other variations of LOT installation which are SUPER LOT and SUPER LOT Plus. We will share a brief idea on the same also.

The base difference between VOT and LOT Installation is that in VOT installation, LPG is converted through natural vapourisation while in LOT installation it is through an external energy channeled through a vapouriser.  The name itself stands for the same. VOT means Vapour Off Take while LOT means Liquid Off Take. Before we delve further, you need to understand what natural vapourisation is.

Heat due to ambient temperature is transferred through the walls of the cylinder to LPG liquid and is converted to vapour. It depends on the temperature outside the cylinder, liquid level in the cylinder and what is the composition of LPG. Artificial vapourisation is exactly the opposite, where indirect heat is applied to convert LPG.


VOT manifold installation

LOT manifold Installation

LPG Vapor withdrawal from the cylinder

LPG Liquid withdrawal from the cylinder

VOT cylinder manifold works on natural vaporization principle

LOT cylinder manifold works on artificial vaporization principle

Higher number of cylinders, higher natural vaporization

Vaporization rate depends on capacity of vaporizer

Space required for installation is huge compared to LOT

Space required for the same volume is less compared to VOT

Used for relatively lower LPG requirements

Used for high LPG requirements


Now that we have established a fair differentiator from VOT & LOT system and specified the various characteristics of the same we have two different upgraded versions of the LOT system called as SUPER LOT or SLOT and SUPER LOT PLUS or SLOT PLUS.


SLOT comes with the added advantage of having EACD(Electronic Auto Change Over Device). It helps in switching from one bank to the other without manual intervention. In SLOT Plus along with EACD you will be getting our innovative state of the art Heaterless Vaporizer(HLV) which operates on the principle of thermodynamics and converts liquid LPG into vapour LPG with water at ambient temperature. It ends up saving a lot of cost, especially the ones invested for electricity as in the case with conventional LOT systems and electrical vapourisers. The water from HLV after converting can also be looped back into cooling towers thereby further optimizing the process.

We hope that you’ve received a fair bit of idea on VOT, LOT, SLOT & SLOT Plus systems. For further information, please reach out to our energy consultant at 91211 71390 or visit LPG Installation Services