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Why Converting your Car to LPG will be the Best Decision of your Life


For everybody who is planning to buy a car in India, the default options are petrol or diesel. Diesel if somebody decides to travel extra miles and petrol for someone who prefers power and performance.

LPG do not take the spot of discussion at all and there are reasons for the same. The most common reason being LPG does not give enough power like the common fuel cars. It’s time we put shed some light into these claims and give you as to how LPG will be a more advantageous proposition for your vehicle.

  • LPG Costs Less: Especially with the hiking petrol/ diesel prices, LPG will be cost effective. The only investment you might have to do is to get a LPG conversion kit fitted, which can be realized very fast. LPG mileage is quite good compared with Petrol cars and if you’re someone who uses a car regularly, then that issue will also be solved.
  • It’s Better for your Engine: Don’t believe usWell, you ought to because that’s the truth. Petrol/ Diesel is a liquid fuel. They can cause oxidation/ rusting of engine parts because of the Sulphur content present in the same. Another interesting fact is that, LPG enjoys close to clean combustion compared to its counterparts, so engine parts tends to function longer which effectively reduces your maintenance cost.
  • Mother Nature will thank you: Yep! You heard it right. LPG is a fuel who releases very negligible amounts of Carbon into the atmosphere thereby reducing pollution to great levels. You’re undoubtedly becoming the hero this world needs with Auto LPG car!

Even though LPG have all these advantages, you must take care of two things if you’re planning to switch to LPG as your automotive fuel two things.

  • LPG Conversion Kits: Installing the right LPG kit is the matter and there are off market products available whose safety is questionable. You need to get it installed by a very experienced and well known professional. Do your due diligence.
  • Boot Space: Generally, LPG fuel tanks are placed in the boot. It indeed takes up some space. A general thumb rule is that the bigger the tank, longer you can run. Thus, you need to find the right balance for choosing your tank size.

Nowadays, even the Government is supporting and encouraging people to have LPG cars. There are lots of LPG filling stations available in major cities. We at SUPERGAS have 31+ stations spread across the country in all places connecting each and every one to availability of quality LPG to your vehicle.