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An Interesting Read on the Industrial Uses of LPG

The uses of LPG as an industrial fuel are seen in almost all the applications like Powder Coating, Heat Treatment, Steam Generation, Aluminium Melting etc. 

Please go through this linkto know how LPG can be utilized effectively in a plethora of industrial applications, offering innumerable advantages.

LPG is the preferred fuel because of its convenience, lower maintenance, LPG priceand clean and eco-friendly fuel, and that is why LPG is chosen as Industrial gas over other fuels like HSD, FO etc.

It is a well-proven fact that LPG is much more beneficial than traditional fossil fuels and is the leading fuel of the manufacturing sector in India. Here are a few LPG benefits.


i) Eco-friendly fuel- LPG being a clean-burning fuel, does not produce harmful emissions like soot, smoke, and unburnt carbon particles in the furnacesLPG has negligible Sulphur content and other impurities; it burns clean, produces no solid or gaseous residue, and reduces carbon footprint.

ii) Higher heating value Compared to other fuels, LPG can achieve higher heat value and temperatures suitable for industrial usage.

iii) Maintenance of uniform temperature - LPG maintains uniformity in temperature and has precise temperature control.

iv) Better heat controLPG has better heat control and distribution, and the flame can be directed to specific heating points, thus gaining more efficiency.

v) No fuel wastage - Due to non-spillage and non-adulteration facilities, there’s zero wastage of this fuel.

vi) Lower maintenance - LPG reduces the maintenance required for the combustion system and, in turn, enhances productivity and quality of the product.

vii) Easier accessibility Unlike most other fuels, LPG is easier to transport, store and access, which is immensely helpful when it comes to bulk usage.

viii) Cost-effective - LPG being a competitive fuelis economical than HSD, LDO etc., with all the other benefits over the conventional liquid fuels.


SUPERGAS has been one of the leading Industrial LPG Suppliers and industrial LPG cylinders in the country since 1996 and offers comprehensive LPG storage and installation services from designing to commissioning. SUPERGAS, the best industrial gas supplier, offers customized solutions based on space availability, application, and technology. Our team facilitates conversion to LPG from liquid fuels like HSD and LDO because of price, carbon footprint, convenience, and ease of operation.

Our LPG not only enhances the life of the machinery but also ensures smooth operation. With our prompt team of industry experts and quick and reliable services, you can generate profits from your industry with minimum effort and reap advantages of LPG as fuel!


Are you looking to contact our experts for more information? Call us on 9121177930 or send your requirement to Are you looking to contact our experts for more information? Call us on 9121177930 or send your requirement to