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Now a days, every household is using LPG for cooking purpose, no one can think of their lives without LPG, and it became an essential commodity in our lives. From last 3 decades, usage of LPG in kitchen increased multifold due to its easy availability and reach to common people as well. In India, govt. run oil companies are predominating in providing the domestic gas connection and they became monopoly as well. After private LPG companies entered the Indian market, they also used to provide the gas connection for home but they are not able to compete with govt. companies due to some benefits provided by them.

Its hassle free to get new gas connection from private LPG companies like SUPERGAS and they outrun the govt. companies in terms of services, time taken to provide the gas connection and even in delivering the refill as well. SUPERGAS also goes an extra mile to provide safety training to the consumers on how to handle whenever there is a leakage and even SUPERGAS LPG leak detector can be installed easily in the kitchen to detect LPG leakage. The benefits of getting new gas connection from SUPERGAS is not compared with any other LPG company in India be it govt. run or other private LPG companies.

Why opt for new gas connection from SUPERGAS:-

  1. Gas Connection in 24 Hours- Say no to long waiting hours to get your new gas connection when you shifted to a new town or started a new family. Submit your details in website to get gas connection in 24 Hours
  2. Hassle free process- Get rid of tedious time-consuming process of other LPG companies when SUPERGAS provides new gas connection with minimal process.
  3. Assured quality & quantity- SUPERGAS always strives hard to service their customers and LPG they provide for domestic cooking process is of assured quality and quantity and the LPG cylinders goes through stringent quality check before delivering to the consumer
  4. Full refundable deposit- The deposit amount provided by the consumer at the time of taking the new gas connection is completely refundable at the time of termination
  5. Minimal Documentation- Tired of carrying several documents for taking new gas connection. SUPERGAS simplified the process and provide the gas connection with minimal documents from the consumer.
  6. Driven by technology- SUPERGAS launched mobile application so that it’s too easy to get new gas connection at one’s own convenience. Download and apply for new gas connection in three simple steps.

So now you got the benefits and why you should opt for new gas connection from SUPERGAS and you can choose anyone from the below methods to get new gas connection for your home and start cooking the same day

  1. Visit LPG for Home and submit your details so that rest will be taken care by us
  2. Visit  Franchisee Locator to locate the SUPERGAS franchisee in your area. Just walk in and get the new gas connection instantly
  3. Download SUPERGAS LPG Mobile application. Register and upload the documents to start the process from your home

So the next time when you shifted to a new town or starting a family just think of SUPERGAS for your cooking needs.