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What are the Reasons to Use a Gas Detector?

  1. Gas Detection is regularly fundamental or alluring for various reasons. The utilization of a gas checking framework makes your business efficient and running with hassle-free auto-detect machines.
  2. The gas detector alerts you for any changes that it detects, saves time and keeps your working environment safe and sound.
  3. Gas detectors act as a safety and precautionary measure, which stands out to be a benefit for all the employees, plant engineers and increases work efficacy.
  4. A gas detector is programmed that will shutoff of gas valves, automatically, turning on a ventilation fan, closing a cycle, or discernible and visual cautions to alarm and make everyone alert.
  5. In certain circumstances, the gas screen is utilized for using it to measure the control of gas flow for production. RKI gas screens or monitors are commonly planned for the employees working in the production field.

What is CGMS+? (Continuous Gas Monitoring System)

SUPERGAS thrives on making your world a better place to live in. With the agenda of keeping you safe at work, healthy, we have introduced our product Continuous Gas Monitoring System (CGMS+), an equipment used to prevent any accidents that may occur due to any gas leakage. It is digitally controllable, equipped with multiple layers of flameproof sensors makes the alarm active, once any leakages are found. Popularly it is used in industries where it minimalizes manual labour and detects minute leakages with its ultra-sensitive gas sensors. CGMS+ creates a provision for you to take a precautionary action before the gas leakage with its built-in model feature. 

 Benefits of SUPERGAS CGMS+: 

  • Multiple layers of flameproof sensors
  • Enhanced Product Quality
  • Customizable channels (2-16 frequency)
  • Warning siren and SMS alert to 10 registered mobiles
  • 100% Safe and Reliable
  • BIS and PESO Approved

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Why Choose Us?

Leading Market Value

With a Pan-Indian presence, SUPERGAS achieves to be one of the leading LPG providers all around the country. With access to 6 import terminals and 21+ filling plants, it has built a reputation as a leading LPG player. Since its foundation, SUPERGAS has retained the coveted CRISIL Rating No. 1 for its technical excellence, prompt customer service, strong distribution network and full commitment to safety.

Top-Notch Customer Support Team

With our dedicated support team, we promise to armor you with any kind of assistance sought from your end. Our representatives in no time investigates your queries will resolve as soon as possible. Channeling all-round, we spread our hands in domestic, retail, commercial, industrial and now hands-on with 40+ Auto LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS) making the Pan-Indian presence stronger day by day.

Environment Friendly 

SUPERGAS LPG is highly energy-efficient and is said to leave a lesser damaging impact on the atmosphere and the environment. Since LPG is a clean-burning fuel, it has low carbon, emits virtually no black carbon, and does not spill. It improves the air quality, reduces the emission of harmful carbon emissions, and protects the environment.

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