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Most of the energy companies are shifting their process and services to a digital application based platform. They understood the immense importance of customer’s digital convenience and in this “do or die” mission, we too decided to take the leap.

SUPERGAS developed its own dedicated and best mobile app for LPG refills, instant new gas connection for home and many more.

  • The app is integrated to function seamlessly to book gas refill and get the service addressed without delay.
  • The app will be installed by the customer in their mobile through Google Play Store for Android Users and iStore for Apple Users.
  • Customers have to register if they are using for the first time or sign in if they have an existing login ID.

During registration process , customers have the option to select their nearest franchisee displayed in the app or the portal

Upon selecting their requirement, the query will be routed to the nearest franchisee.

There are some awesome features in the mobile app and web portal to get instant new gas connection for home

  • New gas connection – 4 Kg, 12 Kg LPG cylinder
  • Refill booking
  • LPG associated products – Cooktop (for 4 Kg), LPG leak detector
  • Locate the nearest franchisee
  • Bookings History

The customers will enjoy a lot of benefits with our web portal and mobile app.

  • Convenient and instant booking
  • Booking history
  • Franchisee locator
  • Faster resolution of Complaints and queries

The customer testimonials and the support delivered through the SUPERGAS mobile app have definitely made it the best mobile app for LPG refills. The mobile app is available in Google Play as well as iStore.

Convenience has been a major driving force in today’s hectic lifestyle. All have been made so simple that you need not be a tech savvy to avail these benefits and convenience.  Just check up and experience it.