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Excellence in Powder Coating Application with SUPERGAS LPG

LPG for Powder Coating

Powder Coating is dry-finishing surface coating process on the metallic substrate for imparting color finish and protection to the base metal. Powder Coating requires uniform heating to give the metal surface a harder look and protect it from oxidation.


As the application requires precise heating, there is only one fuel which is none other than LPG, that you can look for even though you are already using any other fuel like HSD, FO, Coal, or any other conventional fuels.


Why opt for LPG?

Precise temperature and heating control

Better finished product with higher durability

Savings on fuel cost compared to other fuels

Emits less CO2 during combustion


The most important factor determining the quality of the finished product is the heating capacity of the fuel. Superior grade LPG from SUPERGAS can do that easily while giving the powder film a tough and smooth finish. With SUPERGAS’s expert conversion assistance and installation services, you can take a leap of sustainability and efficiency.


Benefits that can be observed after partnering with SUPERGAS:

i) Supply reliability through Direct LPG Supply (No third-party Intervention)

ii) Safety at LPG Yard assuring easy & safe handling of cylinders

iii) Exclusive customer service and a key account manager for back-end support, close to the customer

iv) IVRS facility for Order booking & intimation of invoice generation through SMS 

v) Periodic preventive maintenance and safety training/Audits

vi) Electronic Auto Change over device which automatically switches LPG bank upon emptying without manual interruption


The main advantages of SUPERGAS LPG for the Powder Coating application over other fuel systems:

  • - Lower initial waiting time

  • - Hygienic atmosphere

  • - Throughput/ hour would be more as compared to liquid fuels

  • - Enhanced equipment life

  • - Minimal maintenance cost of ovens and burners

  • - Higher burner efficiency

  • - No pilferage/spillage/ adulteration

  • - Direct firing method 


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