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Have you tried LPG for the Foam Extrusion application

Foam extrusion

Many people reading this blog think of LPG as the fuel serving their kitchen or, in some rare cases, an automotive fuel. We believe this is a gross injustice to both the people and the fuel because; LPG has such a wide range of applications because of the power it packs behind its awesome calorific value. This fuel is tailor-made for more than 90% of industrial heating applications. Check out some of the major ones in the industrial segment below:
1)Steam Generation  
Powder Coating  
Heat Treatment  
5)Aluminium Melting  
6)Endo Gas generation  
7)Metal Preheating  
9)Roto Moulding  
10)Foam Extrusion 

There are many more applications, too, with LPG, and LPG is a great fuel for all these applications. How does LPG enhance the overall quality of the above applications multifold? They are discussed below:  

Compared to conventional liquid fuels, LPG has the following attributes:
Reduced fuel cost   
2)Reduced Carbon Footprint   
3)Lower Maintenance of the combustion system  
4)Higher productivity   
5)Better finished product quality 


Foam extrusion is a continuous technology used in the plastic industry. The extrusion process is one of the most important innovations of the 20th century, and it is presented as a model of scientific and technology transfer between different processing industries, such as polymer and plastics, as well as food. It is a process of converting raw material into a product of uniform shape and density by forcing it through a die under controlled conditions. 

For Foam Extrusion, LPG is used as a raw material; melting plastic in an extruder, then adding LPG to create a cellular structure within the molten plastic. SUPERGAS offers the best product in terms of butane ratio for better foaming with low mercaptan for this application resulting in optimal output, end-product quality, and ultimate peace of mind for the customer! 

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