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LPG is gaining traction and is becoming a revolutionary fuel in the industrial sector. No one can afford a stoppage in their production due to unavailability of the fuel. Therefore choosing the best LPG supplier in India is a must.

There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing the right LPG supplier for your industry. We are listing out some of them.

About the Company and the Brand

It’s very important to know about the company and the brand. This should ideally be the first qualifying filter. Delivering the right LPG quality and quantity, meeting all the promises and commitments, professional approach to work are some of the general expectations from a reputed brand and company. Hence we have to be very careful in choosing our supplier. It’s also advisable to go deeper and understand better about their legacy and from when they’re in the business etc… This will help you to cement the association with the supplier and develop a mutual trust towards them.

The supplier infrastructure

It’s not enough knowing the brand and the company’s history. It is good to analyse the basic infrastructure of your supplier. This helps in understanding whether he will be able to meet your supply requirements and expectations and more so during a crisis situation!

Supply Chain Management

Owning a lot of terminals and filling plants are just not enough. Whether the supplier has the ability to provide uninterrupted supply on a timely basis is a question to be pondered over seriously. An organization without a dedicated and experienced supply chain management will fall short at both ends of meeting the customer as well as their vendor’s requirement. Therefore it’s a must that they have a fleet of dedicated vehicles with efficient supply chain management practices.

Technical Expertise

The supplier must have the technical expertise on various LPG application and design elements for the LPG storage solutions. Their technical expertise will definitely aid in making a customized solution that will help you out to leverage maximum benefit in terms of fuel efficiency and process optimization.


Safety must come before anything and everything. LPG is a fuel which requires the utmost precaution while handling. The way the organization treats their product showcases a lot about the commitment towards safety which will definitely be reflected at the customer place.

SUPERGAS is one of the Leading LPG suppliers in India complying to  the above points and it’s natural considering their experience of handling more than 2000+ industrial customers  serviced from 6 terminals and 21+ filling plants. They have ensured uninterrupted LPG supply. The customers were quite impressed with the paramount importance SUPERGAS places for safety. For their technical expertise and customer commitment, they are awarded CRISIL Rating No.1.

Would you like to be associated with  this professional  team? Then contact SUPERGAS today for a customized LPG solution by calling 91211 77930 or visit LPG for Industry to provide your details.