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LPG for Aluminium Melting

With demand rising for lighter metal castings from industries including automotive, internal combustion engines, appliances, and aircraft, it is no surprise that Aluminium foundries and diecasters are hunting for ways to melt more efficiently. However, because they don’t want efficiency to come at the expense of product quality, there’s also a search underway for the right fuel. Aluminium has a melting point of 1220 F, and its melting process is complex. 

Aluminium industries use the fuels such as- 

  • i) Fuel oil 

  • ii) Light diesel oil 

  • iii) High-speed diesel 

The disadvantages of using these fuels are: 

  • a) Greenhouse gas emissions 

  • b) Non-uniformity in maintaining temperature 

LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) is the best fuel to remove all the obstacles in Aluminium melting.

The advantages of using LPG in the melting process

1. High efficiency and energy saving 

2. High thermal efficiency 

3. Stable and reliable operation 

In today’s business climate, companies that operate thermal-processing systems in the recycling area must focus on higher productivity, increased product quality and reduced environmental impact. The recycling and melting of Aluminium scrap involve combustion as the primary heat source, so meeting these challenges at the competitive cost depends mainly on the quality and integrity of the combustion system and its interaction with the scrap. So, what’s the best choice? Obviously, LPG of SUPERGAS! 

Some of the best-practice techniques that SUPERGAS LPG assists industries in Aluminium melting are  

  1. Optimal Storage solution 

  1. Maintenance of Storage system 

  1. Superior quality LPG on time every time 

SUPERGAS is a pro in offering the highest quality LPG reducing maintenance costs. As sustainability and moving towards greener fuels are our focus, we offer fuel free from impurities and pollutants. 

Call us at 9121177930 or send your queries to Be rest assured that our experts will address your fuel requirements at the earliest!