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LPG for Endo Gas Generation

LPG for Endo Gas Generation

Norbert K. Koebel fondly used to address the endothermic gas generators as “treat ‘em right, and they’ll treat you right!” 

What is an Endothermic gas? 

An Endothermic gas inhibits or reverses oxidation on its contact surfacesThis gas is produced by incomplete combustion in a controlled environment. The example of this gas are hydrogen gas (H2), nitrogen gas (N2), and carbon monoxide (CO). The hydrogen and carbon monoxide are reducing agents, and they work together to shield surfaces from oxidation.  

What is it used for? 

Endothermic gas is used primarily for:

Neutral hardening and as a carrier gas for gas carburising and carbonitriding.  

The gas is supplied to the furnace to neutralise the furnace atmosphere on many steels' surfaces. Badding enrichment (hydrocarbon) gas, ammonia or air at the furnace, the gas can be made chemically active. 

The process: 

The endothermic process requires external heat provided by electrical heaters or fuel, burning around the retort. The retort is made of heat resistant alloy suitable for 1050 C temperature. Due to the cracking of fuel, some carbon deposits on the catalyst, which is burnt off every 15-days running by the regeneration process, regaining the catalyst activity. 

Endo gas generators can be operated on various fuel types like: 

  1. i) Natural Gas 

  1. ii) LPG 

  1. iii) Propane 

The best option is LPG, and the advantages of using SUPERGAS LPG, free from unsaturated and heavy hydrocarbons, are: 

  1. 1. It contains significantly less amount of carbon. 

  1. 2. It mixes with air at all temperatures. 

  1. 3. It provides a uniform charge for combustion. 

  1. 4. It has very high compression ratios. 

  1. 5. It has very high antiknock characteristics. 

  1. 6. Its calorific value is high compared to liquid fuels. 

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