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LPG has become the most used kitchen fuel in every urban and rural household as well. Thus, it’s safe to assume LPG has become a household name.

However, many of us don’t know how to handle LPG emergencies and what are the components of the whole LPG system in your home. There are three major parts for your LPG connection in home. These are:

  • LPG cylinder
  • Regulator
  • LPG Hose

In this blog, we will discuss about the LPG Hose – Suraksha Make. They are the most commonly available hose in the market. The inner tube is made of gas or oil resistant synthetic rubber that is black in colour. The whole hose is reinforced with a single braid steel wire or steel yarn. The outer cover is made for weather, ozone, or abrasion resistant synthetic rubber generally orange in colour. You will also get the same in black colour. The hose can be handle a temperature ranging from -40°C to 70°C.

Now that you know what the LPG hose is made of, let us give a brief input regarding its importance. There are certain tips you should always keep in mind regarding LPG hose safety.

  • Make sure to check for ISI mark while buying an LPG hose. IS 9573 determines the quality an other aspects of LPG hoses
  • Make sure that the LPG hose is not too lengthy, as it can get entangled or twisted. Make sure that it’s not too short either as to not overstretch it.
  • Always check the hose periodically and keep an eye out for cracks or holes, which can be developed overtime. Make sure to check the softening also on both the ends of LPG hose.
  • Be alert as to make sure the hose is not exposed to flames or heat. Keep them away from the face of the stove.
  • Replace your LPG hose once every 12 months one you see the markings on them fade. LPG hose can develop wear and tear over time, replacing them ensures continuing safety.

LPG hose is one of the areas of LPG leaks. Hence, it’s pertinent that you’re alert with LPG hose safety. For more safety, tips visit, Safety Tips for Home .