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LPG- The right, smart & eco-friendly fuel for your pharmaceutical industry

LPG for Pharma Industry

Pharmaceutical applications are very critical. Whether the steam boilers are used in chemical drying, sterilizing, or purifying, the fuel used in the pharma industry must be highly competent, which means it should cater to uniform and temperature control demands. Hence, the fuel must be of the highest quality. 


If you think which fuel is the most suitable for your pharma application, look no further because there is no better fuel than LPG! 


Why is LPG the best compared to conventional liquid fuels?


Calorific Value


LPG has an all-time higher calorific value compared to liquid fuels. For example, heating the same batch of materials requires more F.O(Furnace Oil) than LPG. Also, liquid fuels take more time to complete the production of the batch when compared to LPG. Hence, the product output is impressive in the case of LPG. 




Liquid fuels might be cheaper, but they damage the machine parts majorly through oxidation and sulphuric acid formation. In the long run, this will prove costly for machine maintenance. LPG gives complete combustion and has negligible Sulphur. GST input tax benefit for LPG is an added advantage.


Sludge formation


In the case of liquid fuels, especially during prolonged storage, the asphaltene particles tend to flocculate and settle down as sludge. This, in turn, chokes the pipelines, nozzles, burners etc. However, with LPG, that will never happen.


Preheating of Fuel


Preheating of fuel is required to maintain the viscosity, which leads to energy waste and extra cost. In addition, the preheating time is also huge. These kinds of issues will not exist with LPG because it’s a cleaner-burning fuel.


Now that you’ve understood how LPG is the better option any time of the day, would you like to know how to convert to LPG? Our experts at SUPERGAS will be more than happy to help you with the same and show you how SUPERGAS’s superior grade LPG will create a difference in your system. 


The SUPERGAS Advantages:


Customized Solutions along with a One-Stop Solution for Conversion

Assured SR Grade Quality and Quantity with delivery on time, every time

Build-Own-Maintain Model, Operational and Safety training

Regular Safety Audits and a Dedicated Sales Team


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