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The global consumption of LPG is in no wonder going to create awe, but also, with an overview on the domestic market, the consumption of Liquid Petroleum Gas makes a zenith of success. The number of non-domestic LPG consumers made a leap from 21.1 lakh in 2015 to 32.4 lakh on 1 April 2020. Of the 27.87 crore active LPG consumers, 29 percent or 8.01 crore LPG consumers are beneficiaries as per the statistics maintained by the Government of India.

The need for using cleaner fuels has already been established. However, numerous challenges are faced when considering the increased use of LPG; these include ensuring adequate supply and accessibility, increasing affordability, effective pricing policies, and reaching the people now dependent on collected biomass. With setting milestones, SUPERGAS encourages on joining hands together to make this world a better place and making the best possible choice by opting to LPG for cooking in Home.

Why someone should opt LPG for Cooking in Home?

Calorific Value of LPG 

LPG is a sort of fuel which is energy-wealthy in source with a higher calorific worth i.e., 11850Kcal/kg per unit than other ordinarily utilized energizes, for instance, coal, petroleum gas, diesel, petroleum, fuel oils, and biomass-inferred alcohols. This implies that an LPG fire's and combustibility consumes less fuel, and a leeway that can decide into higher proficiency. 

Saves Your Money

With the advent of LPG in the oil and gas industry, it has not just dedicated to building up the climate with a manageable methodology, forming a sustainable way, a seamless way to approach the ecosystem, but also has additionally decreased the expense of production which likewise brings about cost effectiveness on the lookout. The exclusion of carbon impressions makes the SUPERGAS approach for a "green space". 


SUPERGAS LPG is profoundly energy-effective and is said to leave a sway on the air and the climate in a positive note. Since LPG is a perfect consuming fuel, it has low carbon, emanates essentially no dark carbon, and doesn't spill. It improves the air quality, diminishes the outflow of Green House Gases, and ensures the climate.

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