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Safety is priceless; we invest in it- Coupling & De-Coupling of Maxima initiative

If your industrial unit has high consumption in a limited space and you want to start operations within a short time frame, then SUPERGAS’s 450Kg Maxima installation is the best choice is the best choice. The Maxima Cylinders are: 

  • i) made of high-quality steel  

  • ii) adhere to European safety standards 

  • iii) compact 

  • iv) safe 

  • v) highly energy efficient and  

  • vi) easily available.

We are constantly improving our products and services to reflect our efficient work culture in everything we do. We are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for the entire supply chain. 

Our goal lies in making safety our utmost priority at the heart of everything! 

As a step further to enhance more safety and provide comfort for our customers, starting from the 1st of Feb 2021, the SUPERGAS transport crew (Truck Drivers) started replacing the maxima cylinders. The well-trained transport team has been since taking care of the Loading, Unloading (Coupling, and De-Coupling) of the Maxima Cylinder activities (replacing empty refills with the new ones) at our customer’s cylinder installations 

Let's have a look at the five-step Coupling & De-coupling Process:  

  • a) Bleeder Valve Opening  

  • b) Safety Cap Opening  

  • c) Engaging QRC's  

  • d) Leakage Check  

  • e) Safe handling of Cylinders

Though the cylinder replacement activities are taken care of by SUPERGAS, we also train and recommend the presence of an LPG installation supervisor/in charge from the customer’s side while these activities are taking place so that they can observe and understand the process. This helps the person in charge take necessary actions in case of any emergency

Advantages of the Coupling & De-coupling Process:   

  1. i) Ensuring safety at the customer’s place as the activity is taken care of by trained people.  

  1. ii) If any discrepancies/problems are noticed while changing the cylinder, the SUPERGAS team iii) will immediately check and rectify it by taking the necessary actions.  

  1. iv) The trained crew checks for leakages during the cylinder exchange. 

Upon conducting a survey post this change, the Customer's Feedback was overwhelming. In the survey, 91% of the customers mentioned that the safety aspect is well taken care of, and 15% cited that manpower optimization is at its best. 

The points highlighted in the survey that the customers were content with: 

1. Manpower Optimization  

2. Better Safety 

With benefits like reduced installation space, enhanced safety features, savings on fuel, maintenance and statutory approvals, quick project execution time, & the Build-Own-Maintain model, our Maxima Installation has all your fuel requirements covered!