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In case of a faulty LPG storage design ( which would difficult for the users to know !) , cylinder sweating and higher LPG consumptions would happen. As an industrialist, you would like to make sure that there is maximum efficiency in the fuel system that is being put to use. To address the same issue, SUPERGAS - the best industrial LPG supplier introduced the SUPER LOT system.

What is SUPER LOT LPG Installation

The SLOT typically consists of LOT cylinder (Liquid Off-take cylinder) connected to a manifold. In LOT cylinders, liquid LPG comes out of the cylinder. The liquid LPG from the cylinders is fed into an external vapourizer to convert into vapour LPG thus effectively increasing the flow rate by 10 times than the conventional VOT cylinders. An Electronic Auto Changeover Device (EACD) is connected to the system to enable automated shifting from empty cylinder bank to a new one. This effectively helps in proper inventory management and stock planning.

Why should you choose SLOT installation?

SLOT has a lot of benefits such as

  • 30% reduced installation area
  • 1 LOT cylinder is equal to 10 VOT cylinders ( flow rate)
  • More Safer compared to VOT cylinders
  • High LPG requirements up to 30MT can be easily met
  • EACD - Enables better stock planning and continuous supply

Additionally you can also upgrade to SLOT Plus and get additional benefits of saving energy, costs as well as reducing carbon footprint to a significant level. SLOT Plus comes with the added feature of Heaterless Vapourizer (HLV)which does not consume any electricity.

Take the SLOT LPG installation for industries and say goodbyes to cylinder sweating and leftovers. Now there is a proven way to increase your productivity at the same time reducing your cost, carbon footprint and energy consumption.

To know more, visit Cylinder Installation. We, the global  industrial LPG supplier would be happy to offer you a customized solution. Please call us on 9121177930 or visit LPG for Industry to submit your details.