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Design to quality, storage to installation, all-in-one package - SUPERGAS Bulk Installation


Apart from the main storage tank/s, many other important components impact the safety of a Bulk LPG storage installation. Let’s have a look at the main vital safety points to be kept in mind while considering a Bulk LPG storage for your industry:

1) The design of pumps, compressors, vapourisers, and the material used in their construction should be suitable for the safe handling of LPG over the range of pressures and temperatures that the product will reach in service. 

2) Electric motors should be suitable for operating in potentially flammable atmospheres. All pipework and fittings should comply with the relevant standards and be suitable for use with LPG and cope with the extreme service conditions that are likely to be encountered. 

3) The number of joints should be minimum, using welded fittings where possible. Flanges should be placed in such a way as to avoid flame impingement on the equipment associated in case of an LPG leak. Eliminating cascade effects through good design is crucial.

4) Usage of polyethylene pipework and connections is recommended. Logical markings or colour codes are to be used to communicate the contents and whether liquid or vapour phases are present. Often vapour lines are painted yellow and liquid lines painted blue for distinction. 

5) Provision should be made to ensure that no electrostatic potential exists between the tanker delivery connection and the stationary tank fill connection, which could generate a spark when the connection is made or broken. 

6) Once the Bulk LPG installation has been installed, only fully competent, trained staff familiar with LPG tank commissioning and decommissioning should be assigned to carry out maintenance procedures.

7) The need for training, written operating procedures, periodic inspection, emergency procedures and good record keeping is emphasized.

SUPERGAS is committed to providing turnkey solutions for Bulk LPG storage and Installation requirements. From design to manufacture, from installation to further maintenance, we operate keeping in mind your requirements and safety.

We have solutions available in options like 10kl, 15kl, 20kl and 40kl for better operations. SUPERGAS is known for its cost-effective installation process, trustworthy staff, on-time delivery, customized solutions and easy to maintain storage facilities.