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Five Prime Reasons Why LPG is the Most Preferred Fuel for Industries

why LPG should be used as industrial fuel
From impeccable performance to eco-friendly nature, LPG has ticked all the boxes to become the most reliable and efficient fuel. 

Imagine a world where the manufacturing units are bustling with efficiency, producing high-quality products while leaving minimal environmental impact. This is not a fictional scenario but a reality with LPG in the picture. LPG is driving the industrial sector, and have you wondered why LPG is their go-to fuel?

Here are the five prime reasons why the use of LPG as a fuel is favoured over other fuels. 

Cleaner Fuel 

LPG is considered an environmentally friendly fuel, as it burns completely and leaves no residue, leading to a cleaner industrial environment. Additionally, compared to diesel or petroleum, LPG emits lower levels of CO2, CO, and particulates, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, LPG generates less carbon build-up in engines, which helps prevent mechanical failure.

No Adulteration

There are endless possibilities of fuel adulteration. Some common ways of this adulteration include altering the calorific value of fuel and tampering with its quality to increase the volume. However, LPG is transported directly in sealed containers from filling plants, so there are minimal chances of spillage, impurities, or adulteration. Pure LPG maximises overall efficiency, creates a safer work environment for employees and decreases the risk of environmental pollution.

Precise Temperature Control 

Industrial processes require high-precision heat, where even a slight temperature change can compromise quality and safety. LPG is an excellent fuel choice, as it offers precise temperature control that other fuels struggle to match. LPG's adjustable combustion allows for fine-tuning of flame intensity and heat output. Precise temperature control leads to consistent and accurate process heating, which results in improved product quality and reduced waste.

Calorific Value 

A fuel with a high calorific value delivers more heat per unit, meaning you need less fuel to achieve the desired temperature. LPG has a high calorific value of 10900 kcal/kg, significantly higher than other solid or liquid fuels. Higher heat output translates to faster heating processes, improving efficiency and increased production. This translates to reduced fuel consumption and increased profitability for industrial businesses. 

Low Maintenance 

LPG burns cleanly, producing less soot and ash. Low soot and ash build-up ensure efficient heat transfer and consistent burner performance, which improves efficiency and product quality. This reduces wear and tear on boilers, furnaces, and other equipment. The low maintenance requirement of LPG leads to significant cost savings, extended equipment lifespan, and less operational downtime. In addition, it creates a better working environment.

LPG is a frontrunner not just because of its ability to generate more heat than other fuels; it also improves efficiency and quality while being responsible towards the environment. Other than the advantages mentioned above, others like ease of transport, reliability, and non-toxic and non-corrosive qualities make LPG the best fuel undisputedly.

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