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The Science Behind Our Innovative Energy-Saving Products

Energy Saving Solutions

What is the calculus of innovation?

"The calculus of innovation is quite simple: Knowledge drives innovation, innovation drives productivity, productivity drives economic growth."- William Brody, Scientist.

With an unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop anew products/services, SUPERGAS has invested time, energy, resources, and capital into Energy-Saving Solutions that are the epitome of energy efficiency. You can become the responsible industrial consumer you truly are by using our innovative energy-saving products that help you save energy and prevent drying out scenarios.

Want to know what our ideal products are all about?

Heaterless Vaporiser- Empower Your Sustainable Approach

Heaterless vaporiser is used in the manifold system to convert liquid LPG into vapour LPG using the Principles of Thermodynamics. It helps save huge energy overheads, especially electricity costs.

  • Higher rate of savings
  • Eco-friendly
  • Minimum Maintenance

Continuous Gas Monitoring System Plus- Monitor Your Safety 24/7

This LPG Leak Detector is a highly beneficial product that detects LPG leakage at 20% of the explosive limit and informs the user well in time to avoid potentially hazardous situations.

Electronic Auto Change Over Device Plus- Save more, Control More

Electronic Auto Changeover Device (EACD+) is an innovative device that alerts the user about LPG exhaustion in one manifold and automatically changes to the other manifold.

  • Reduced Manual intervention in automating changeover between working and backup cylinder banks
  • Warning and SMS/E-mail message alerts to 10 mobile numbers/E-mail IDs
  • Auto-ordering of refill cylinders

Mass Flow Meter - Monitor your fuel consumption with precision

Mass Flow Meter is a unique device used to measure the mass of LPG consumed in different applications in the manufacturing process.

  • Multi-variable sensors that measure LPG flow
  • High precision sensors for density, temperature, and viscosity
  • Its measuring principle is independent of the physical fluid properties

Maxima Installation - Save space, Environment and Enhance efficiency

  • Made up of high-quality steel and adhering to European Safety Standards, our 450 KG Maxima cylinders are compact, safe, highly energy-efficient, and easily available.
  • 60% savings in LPG installation
  • Ease of handling (14 Cylinders=1 Maxima Cylinder)
  • Enhanced Safety Features

Coupling & Dec-Coupling of Maxima - SUPERGAS transport crew (Truck Drivers) have replaced the Maxima cylinders, i.e., loading, unloading (coupling and decoupling) of Maxima cylinder activities (replacing empty refills with the new ones) at cylinder installation.

We also boast of the Liquid Trap, the innovative device that ensures the separation of heavy components of LPG from its vapour, thus improving the combustion quality, guaranteeing the complete safety of installation.

Along with the easy and hassle-free installation of these energy-saving products, SUPERGAS’s prompt and reliable after-sales service ensures you not only save energy and fuel but also become sustainable and environment-friendly with each passing day!

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