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High-Speed Diesel is a middle distillate from the fractional distillation column. Though majorly used as an automotive fuel, HSD is also used as industrial fuel for generating heat. Compared to other fuels, this is very costly, and there is a barrage of problems associated with HSD compared to fuels like LPG and CNG. The disadvantages of HSD pave a path to the usage of cleaner fuels.

Differences between LPG and HSD

      ·       Cost Effective

In the long run, HSD will prove costly for machine maintenance because it’s a liquid fuel and can cause oxidation of machine parts. While the same is not the case with LPG, as it enjoys close to complete combustion.

·       Preheating of Fuel

Preheating of fuel is required to maintain the viscosity, which leads to energy waste and extra costs. In addition, the preheating time is also huge. These kinds of issues will not arise with LPG because it’s a cleaner burning fuel.

·       Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The amount of Carbon Monoxide in HSD is approximately 50% higher than in LPG. This damages the environment along with rising costs. However, since LPG has a meagre amount of Carbon Monoxide, the emissions are very low.

·       Calorific Value

LPG has an all-time higher calorific value when compared with HSD. To heat the same batch of materials, you need to burn more HSD than LPG. In addition, with HSD, direct heating is impossible, while with LPG, that is a possibility.

·       Pilferage

Being a liquid fuel, HSD can face adulteration and can be pilfered. But LPG becomes a gas at room temperature, so this will never happen. Thus, a fuel you can trust anytime and opt for is SUPERGAS LPG!

Now that you’ve understood how HSD is a bane to the system while LPG as an alternative fuel is the undeniable boon, would you like to know how to convert to LPG? Our experts at SUPERGAS will be more than happy to help you with the same and show you how SUPERGAS’s superior S.R. grade LPG will create a difference in your system.

The SUPERGAS Advantages:

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