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The uses of LPG as an industrial fuel are seen in almost all the applications and processes i.e.,space and process heating, food production, ceramic industries, aluminum heating to name a few. It’s actually the preferred fuel because of its convenience, lower maintenance, price and reduced carbon footprint.

Advantages of LPG:

It’s a well-proven fact that LPG is much more beneficial than the traditional fossil fuels and is the leading fuel of the manufacturing sector in India.

  • Maintenance of uniform temperature - LPG maintains uniformity in temperature and has a precise temperature control.
  • No fuel wastage - Due to non-spillage and non adulteration facility, there’s zero wastage of this fuel.
  • Lower maintenance - LPG being a clean burning fuel, does not produce harmful emissions like soot, smoke and unburnt carbon particles .Thus LPG reduces the maintenance required for the combustion system and in turn enhances productivity and quality of the end product.
  • Cost effective - LPG being a competitive fuel is cheaper than HSD, LDO with all the other benefits over the conventional liquid fuels.

SUPERGAS is one of the leading Industrial LPG Suppliers in the country since 1996 and offers comprehensive LPG storage  installation services from designing to commissioning. SUPERGAS offers customized solutions based on space availability, application and technology. Not only that, SUPERGAS does facilitate conversion from liquid fuels like HSD and LDO because price, carbon footprint, convenience and ease of operation. Visit For Industrial for more details or call 91211 77930 to get in touch with our experts.