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Let's act together to build a positive Safety and Health culture!

Heath and Safety

As you know, every year, World Day for Safety and Health at Work is observed on April 28th. The day is dedicated to creating awareness and preventing accidents and occupational diseases at workplaces worldwide. The focus is on developing and maintaining the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) management system.


The theme for this years World Day for Safety And Health at Work 2022 is Act together to build a positive Safety and Health culture. The theme stresses encouraging the workplaces for strong work health with a safe and healthy work environment.


Health & Safety has always been a high priority and of paramount importance at SUPERGAS. Safety has been integrated into every aspect of our business, encompassing our employees, customers, partners, and the general public. SUPERGAS works diligently to retain Health and Safety at the forefront of its business priorities. Stringent standards and best practices for safe operation and handling of LPG are followed. Workplace risks are identified through hands-on programs, analyzed, and eliminated, thus contributing to the sustainable development of our LPG business.


Based on the theme of this year, our employees are all about acting together in building an impeccable Safety and Health culture. Honoring this occasion, we bring forth the utmost important safety tips for the industries, as gas leakage has always been a matter of high risk at industrial facilities; hence being prepared to prevent and handle such a situation is highly essential.


Recommended Daily Service Checks in your LPG Installation: 


  • 1) Always be observant of the smell of LPG  

  • 2) Perform soap solution test at all the joints regularly 

  • 3) Check the water level of the Electrical Vaporizer at regular intervals 

  • 4) Confirm that the pressure in the secondary line is always <=1.5 kg/cm2  

  • 5) Perform regular function checks of the pressure gauges 


Essential suggestions to keep your premises and manifold danger-free: 


  • 1) No foreign materials should be stored in the LPG yard 

  • 2) Never use cell phones inside the LPG yard 

  • 3) Never operate electrical switches in case of an LPG leak  

  • 4) Dont allow unauthorized persons to enter the LPG yard 

  • 5) Dont deviate from the usage of standard adaptors, regulators & hoses  


An LPG leak detector in your surroundings is a blessing if there is going to be an LPG leakage. CGMS Plus is a smart system with low maintenance costs and easy installation that keeps you safe from unwanted accidents that might occur due to gas leakage.  


Key features of CGMS Plus: 


  • 1) Makes the LPG installation safer & secure 

  • 2) SMS will be received when there is a leakage, which is much before the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL-2%) of LPG (includes the facility to register up to 10 Mobile Numbers)  

  • 3) Our Leak detector system is certified by BIS & PESO (Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization)  

  • 4) Higher life of semiconductors embedded in the system, ensuring longer life


Safety is priceless; let’s invest in it!